Student Classroom Engagement: 4 Online Tools to Increase It

Every teacher wants to catch the attention of their learners and have a perfect student classroom engagement every day. After all, that is how we evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching techniques.

Even though it is not easy to get students excited about a lesson topic, we cannot blame only short attention span of many of today’s kids.

Yes, they do want to get information as quickly as possible. They do want instant knowledge. However, that doesn’t mean we, the teachers, are doomed.

How to engage class?
A bored student. PIXABAY

Your classroom doesn’t have to be a lifeless and a boring place. You can think of many ways to keep your students interested in your lecture and successfully captivate their minds until the bell rings. For instance, you can draw their attention by creating some fun activities for the classroom or use free online tools to engage with students.

We have compiled a list of four free web-based tools you can use to make students more actively engaged in your lessons.

1. Braingle has over 15,000 games including brain teasers, games to exercise logic, riddles, and other learn-through-play tools to engage minds of students. Braingle’s game Math Path can come in handy if you need to practice equations.

2. Instant Online Puzzle-Maker lets you instantly create free crosswords you can use in your class. Enter clues (questions or definitions of words) and the puzzle-maker will generate a unique crosswords puzzle. Here is an example of how to teach abstract nouns using Instant Online Puzzle-Maker.

How to teach abstract nouns using free web classroom tools?
The answers are childhood, kindness, joy, and friendship.

3. Duolingo is an app that has an interesting way of motivating language learners – they earn trophies as they progress in studying a language. If you use this app during your foreign language classes, your students will not only be motivated by the trophies they earn, but they will also be more animated as they will compete with their classmates.

4. is another website you can use as a tool to motivate students. With many spelling games you can choose from, students can learn spelling rules without getting bored during your class.

We have listed several easy-to-use classroom tools. Hopefully, when you implement these handy tools in your teaching, your students will be eager to attend your classes.

Students are engaged in your classroom.
A little guy that impatiently wants to attend your class. PIXABAY

If you have suggestions regarding the tools teachers can use to enhance student classroom engagement, don’t hesitate to either leave a comment or write an email.

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